Importing a polycurve from Dynamo to Revit

Hello everyone,

I have this polycurve that I have constructed using a Dynamo script :slight_smile:

However, using the node ImportInstance.ByGeometry, I am able to see my curve geometry in Revit but I cannot select it. Being able to select it is important for me because this curve defines the geometry of a prestressed cable that I am going to select and transform into a cable using the SOFISTIK Bridge Modeler plugin for Revit.

Any insights on what is going wrong when porting the curve from Dynamo to Revit?


Try ModelCurve.ByCurve

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I have already tried this, I get the following warning :

EDIT : Sorry the warning is in french, it’s basically saying that Revit cannot convert PolyCurves into ModelCurves. Try to decompose your PolyCurve into several Curves. Is that doable in dynamo?

Yes, try the PolyCurves.Curves node

Try this

Exploding or using the Polycurve.Curves node works, however I am stuck with tiny bits of curves in the Revit model as shown below :

Is there no way to import the Polycurve from dynamo as it is, or rejoin the tiny bits automatically in the Revit model?

You can make an approximation of the line by using GroupByKey and have the length of the lines be the key. Ignore the tiny lines and make a new line from the Start points of the remaining lines and ending with the Start and End point of the last line

I did not really understand your explanation @Marcel_Rijsmus, can you elaborate further with this? I also cannot afford to lose a lot of precision with an approximation since its a prestressed cable that has precise geometry definition in plane and elevation.

I find it kind of odd that we are able to export curves into Revit but not Polycurves…