Place views on Sheets

Hi guys,
I just create a file to add the views on the sheets.
everything works unless the four views i have set up in the excel file are added on the same sheet.
i want to add a view per sheet.
Coudl you help me??


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Hi @pedroSU62A ,
try switching the lacing of your sheet.bynametytleblocnumberandviews to longest

Is it ok???

What I meant is this :

Also, there are two very similar node , one creates the sheet with one view and the other one does it with multiple views, you should try both and see what you get :slight_smile::

It works,
really thanks.
My last NOOB question is the location of the view.
Do i have to add some point add & coordinates nodes to move the views into the sheet??
Kind Regards

What I do when I want to batch create sheets is I make a reference sheet where I place my viewports the way I want, then I use this great node from the steamnodes package:

You just feed your reference sheet to the templatesheet input and your other sheets to the sheets input and it works pretty great.


I suppose you feed the sheets in this tool with the sheet output of sheet.bynamenumbertitleblockandview.
but which node do you use to feed the templatesheet?
Sorry for my noob questions

No worries :slight_smile:
create a “reference” sheet in revit , then select it with the views node:

this can be your templatesheet


Really thanks

One question more,
Do you know the node “Get All views”?
i try to add the views on the sheets. i set up the excel with the name of the views in each sheet, as you can see in the picture with the code block 4 (from the excell) but then revit adds the views it wants, no the view setting up in the excell.

any idea?
do i have to filter on dynamo?

I’m not sure what your dispatch node does

Hi gentle man, now Im struggling on this work you had done above, I can follow your script above as you captured in dynamo, but I got no idea for the data structure in the Excel file like which column for sheet names and view names. if you dont mind, could you capture the excel file contents?

Thank you,

Hi ddosirak,
The structure of the Excell file fits with the parameters i created in Revit.
i mean the Column number 1 on excell is the parameter 0 on the script (listgettingattached).

Hi pedroSU62A,

This sounds like something that i would love to learn and use. Problem is following your screenshot. I can’t find the Dispatch node in dynamo. Can you please show me where I can get that?

Thank you

Hi @hoity
This topic has been solved earlier. Start a new topic link this topic as reference. Thanks :slight_smile:

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