Place Drafting Views on Sheets

Ok, I’m brand new to Dynamo. Just assume for now that I know nothing at all. I have looked into this a couple times but that is as far as I have gotten. I think I finally have the perfect opportunity to use Dynamo. I have a “standards library” (Revit Project file with a couple hundred drafting views in it). I need to get all of these views on to 8 1/2x11 sheets. One detail per sheet. None of the sheets have been created.

So, where should I begin? Currently using Revit 2016 / Dynamo

Hello and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
You will find lots of information to get started by typing your keywords in the search field, for instance:

Once your first attempts are done, don’t hesitate to send some screenshots here to get help on specific issues. If you need basic explanation, you will find it on these pages:

You could also be interested in reading this page if you didn’t already:

If you are new to Dynamo, I would suggest to create a Road map first (smaller tasks that will help you reach the end). This will need to be “translated” the Dynamo Way (identify the correct nodes). This is the stage where this Forum is the best place to get answers :slight_smile:

How to approach your intent (as an example):

  1. You have a list of 200+ drafting views in a Revit project.
  2. So you have to have that many number of sheets (as it’s going to be one view per sheet)
  3. How are these sheets going to be created? - Using Dynamo or Revit - This is the key question!
  4. How are these sheets going to be named / numbered? Is there a Excel list already with these info somewhere?
  5. What would be the order in which the views & sheets would get mapped? Will it require some sorting?
  6. Where would the view get placed on the sheet (position)? Is there any requirement for that?
    Once you have answer to all these questions; then adding the nodes onto your graph is very logical & easy.

I have not answered your question with a graph per se (intentionally). So bear with me as this is supposed to open up thought processes first, before looking for answers…
Do not hesitate to think aloud :slight_smile: In fact, IMO, that is the best way to find answers!!
Hope this would be a good starting point… Do post your answers and your progress.