Creating Views and Place on Sheets

I have googled for days and I cant seem to find what I am looking for. I am trying to see if there is a way to create views, apply templates, and place on sheets for a long list of sheets and views from excel file. I know theres the Sheet.ByNameTitleblockandViews node but I can only seem to get that to work with placing one view on one sheet. Is there a way to place a view on a sheet but x10 or twenty. We usually have to create multiple views per discipline and and then place each of those views on each sheet and this can take hours, using dynamo to place one view on one sheet isnt much faster, just curious if someone has found a way to batch create views and place on sheet to make this whole process faster. I have seen a lot of topics on it here, but no one seems to have succeeded.

Yes, you can add multiple views to a sheet. You just need to create a new viewport for each view. I use the Viewport.Create node from the Rhythm package to do this. Attached is a graph I use to create sheets and add views from a sheet and view list in Excel. The list of views in Excel is delimited by a comma so you have to split the string and get the view element for each view listed.


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Micheal Thanks so much! That was way more help than I was expecting. So this reads from the exported excel view list from revit ours doesnt seem to have the same commas as yours? Do you know if there is a way to batch create views in dynamo?

Yes you can. What type of views do you need to create?

Id like floor plans and ceiling plans, I made a script for creating both ceiling and floor plans by level. But then I have to go back and rename them all. Id like to create the views and have them named at the same time, something more like , Electrical Lighting Plan, Electrical Equipment Plan, Electrical Power Plan, Mechanical Ductwork Plan, Fire Protection Ceiling plan, Etc. I have also found a way to duplicate views and place on one sheet, nd your awesome script puts multiple views on a sheet! So now, ideally, Id like to create something that created all those views and put each individual plan on its individual sheet. But a way to just batch create views would help me get there. Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated!

Revit ( view list schedule) > Export excel > Write Sheet number& name > Import excel > Revit Sheet.

code download

this my Dynamo graph for creating “Shop drawings” for prefabricated elements. It isnt using excel table for creating sheets and views, but it is based on selecting elements such as Columns, Beams etc. and then creating section views. Created views are then placed on empty sheets, which are already created (we are using another script 4 that).

This is how my script/graph looks like:

and this is the result:

I am also attaching .dyn file :wink:.
Precast Column_New.dyn (87.5 KB)


@Yong-sung.choi Could you upload again this codes. I cant access now. Thanks alot

It is new link.

@Yong-sung.choi Some thing is wrong here :grinning: . Its wall openning file. It’s not the same with file in the instruction video.

sorry i missed :

Hi I am wondering if there is any way to create the views as duplicates rather than as dependents when placing on a sheet using the excel method? I have used your script @Michael_Kilkelly

Looks good, the code has expired. Can you share the link again or share some other mode to get the code? Thank You.


Much appreciated. Thank You

Does anyone have the excel template to use with Michael Kilkelly’s script?

Hi Michael,

Is it also possible to use Viewport.create to place multiple views on multiple sheets? I have a script where I duplicate views correctly but placing them on a sheet with the viewport.create node seems to only place the views on the first sheet. Is this node not able to function with a list of sheets?

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I guess it is a a lacing and / or levels issue.

Yep, just found out that I somehow ended up repeating the first sheet multiple times in my list. Did something wrong when cycling the list.

Edit: Still seems to be doing the same thing eventhough the list looks right.