Unable to Get Views Properly Placed on Sheets

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The thread mentioned has been extremely helpful and got me 99% there. I have a list of view names and sheet names in an excel spreadsheet dropping the views on to the sheets. I’m trying to use the Tool.AlignSheetViewsFromTemplateSheet as @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi suggested, but the view location seems to be ignored and the views are being dropped at the bottom left of the sheet. It might be that the node is in the wrong location. I’ve seen some folks using Python to set view location; unfortunately I’m not versed in Python. Can I get some help? Thanks!

Hi @Nfuller-Stellar ,

the way you’re using the node seems correct to me. I just tried it again and it works fine :

Do your sheets all have the same amount of viewports as the template sheet? Are there schedules place on your sheets?

Hey @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, thank you for responding. The script as shown functions, I found it be failing due to an issue with the excel file. :confounded:

@Nfuller-Stellar Would you be willing to share your data set? (Revit file, Excel file nad Dynamo script).

I am looking to implement this at work.


@SamAB, Unfortunately I can’t share this specific dataset, our Revit model and associated files contain some IP I can’t release. Keep an eye on the blog below though, I plan to write about this topic as well as some other things I’ve learned from our community; hopefully very soon. When I write the post about this I’ll put together some datasets I can share. Here’s the blog site:

@Nfuller-Stellar Sounds good, looking forward to playing with it! If you can leave a reply here once updates, it would be very appreciated, otherwise, I will look at the page once in a while.

Here’s the link to the Blog post with the walk-through of the script as well as datasets available for download.

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