Placing Views on Sheets

How do I put 1 view on each sheet?
Im aware this question has been asked a ton of times different ways and seems like its usually about multiple views on a sheet.
Ive created a workflow to create sheets, create views by level, name views, create worksets, apply workset visibility to view templates, all at once, but then I have to go place the views on the sheets manually
Ive tried just creating the sheets and views from excel but I could never get the “Sheet.ByNameNumberTitle Block And View” node to work correctly and I cant seem to find an easy way to take views already created and throw them on sheets already created. Ive also tried “Tool.PlaceViewsOnSheets” with no luck. Seems like it should be easy.

Heres my current fully functioning Job Setup (minus views on sheets)
0_MEPFP JOB SETUP.dyn (184.0 KB)

I feel like it should be as easy as this, but this doesnt work and I know I need to somehow filter through the views to only get the floor plans.

This could be you filter method


I’ve built a few graphs for this kind of thing here’s a chat about one of them…

There are quite a few ways that the sheet creation can fail… There can be nulls, or you can have view templates in there or the view might be too big for the sheet… Without seeing some of your error messages or having a Revit file to look at it’s a bit hard to know quite why you are having issues.

The link above puts a single view on a single sheet, it successfully uses the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView node. You can download the dyn to have a look at…

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So you put a list of views and a list of sheets in and it actually places the correct view on the correct sheet? I tried opening your .dyn from the previous post and I keep getting an error saying the file is corrupted. Im not really sure what youre doing with your code block vs your sheet and view list


If you want to open it you’ll need Dynamo 2 (you can tell because it says auto on the nodes).

I was trying to bring to your attention the different node for creating sheets & the 3 views, 3 sheet names, 3 sheet numbers & 1 sheet template that are fed into it.

I have had a play with the node you were using and I can’t get it to work. It’s also not giving any errors. The sheet by number node gives some feed back if there is an error, the view is too big for the sheet etc.

The code block A…C is creating a range between the 2 inputs, so if you fed A=1 and B = 5 you would get 1,2,3,4,5 The code block a + b is being used to combine 2 strings, so if you fed in "Sheet " and “Floor Plan” you would get out “Sheet Floor Plan”.

As I said above, if you can give a Revit file which you are using it will be easier to identify the problem.

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