Create sheets and place views on them Using Excle


Hi all, thanks for your inputs!

I was trying to create multiple sheets using excel file, and also place certain views on these sheets.

The first image is a screen shot of the excel file. Using this script, Revit did created all the sheets, but the views are not placed.

I guess the issue is the “view” input is not right.

Any idea to solve this problem?

Thanks, Kui

excel scr sheet view


excel file :


dynamo file:

Sheet Views


Any Ideas?

really appreaciate your help !!!

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Hello, everyone,

Any insights or inputs welcome!

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sheet view


Hi Kui,

Check out this topic



thank you <span class=“author-link”>Kulkul </span>very much. Although I am looking for to create multiple sheets, however, this post definitely helps.

thanks a lot


You can make multi sheet, it’s ok with dynamo. But when place view on sheet, the standard node of dynamo not good. it’ just add view type : PLAN VIEW, DRAFTING VIEW, LEGEND… EXCEPT STRUCTURAL and SCHEDULE type view.

If you want to continue place view on sheet, i can share u that node.


when i see your node, i feel you don’t understand about input of Views of node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlock, you must give it element’s id from your views, the excel’s input just a string data, so that node can not understand and will say it’s wrong type data.