Place Views on Sheet

I am trying to place views onto a sheet but I cannot get anything to work. Sheet, Views, and Point lists all match in length. The Views are created in this script so they cannot already be placed on a sheet.

Any ideas?

Python from old SteamNodes package. A working sample can be found here

New SteamNodes package.

Rhythm Package


Two thoughts…

Thought 1
You can’t place an empty Drafting Views onto a Sheet normally, so creating one without content through Dynamo will probably have the same limitation. What content exists in your created views?

Thought 2
Have you tried to use the Passthrough node from #clockwork to force run orders.
Your graph may be trying to place the views before they have been processes as “created” within Revit.
The Transaction Start / End nodes could also be something worth investigating.

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Running test now. I adding text to each of the views but this action could be late. Added a passthrough node to make sure text is added before the view is placed.

Also added a Transaction.End right before Viewport.Creat. I will post back momentarily with the results.

Thanks for the imput @Ewan_Opie,

Thank you so much @Ewan_Opie. My graph is rather large and probably had some lag in the view creation. I think the Transaction.End did the trick. I have been racking my brain for quite a while trying to figure this one out.

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