Place family from list of coordinates

Hi all,

I’m attempting to get the locations of some elements and then place a family on those points, however I’m stuck on the first half.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment, what’s the correct way to do this?

@Ramsden you can use this solution.

Maybe a duct has no location point, only lines ?

@Johannes_Meiners you can create point or set of points using pointatparamenter node.

like this:

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@Johannes_Meiners I think you’re correct about not having points as @rexfrancojesse method didn’t work.

Would I be correct in assuming the ‘0.5’ will give me the center of the curve as the point?

Also could you tell me which package the ‘Element.LocationCurve’ node is from?


@Johannes_Meiners This node seems to have given me some results, is this what I’m looking for?

Can I now use this list of points to insert a family?

0,5 is the T-Value of a curve, like 0.5 of the curve length.

Here the info for the package:

You could also use your ´"Element.Location" and take the curves

Try it !

Almost a success!

The families loaded in but are slightly off.

For clarification, I’m trying to load in a cast-in family acquired from a manufacturers website. The locations of which we have shown as ducts up until this point.

The errors in the Z axis I expected to have to manually correct anyway, due to different length ducts/different thicknesses of slabs throughout.

For some reason they are all 125mm West of the intended position. As they appear to all be wrong I can select all and move them, but it would be nice to know where I went wrong. Do you have any idea?

Look at the family, you place the family by it´s location point to the point you got from the duct lines.
Maybe you can change the origin of the family in the family editor?

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That’s probably it, thank you for all your help!