Placing Family in Shared Coordinate Environment

Hi all,
I have been wrestling with this problem for quite some time now and would really appreciate any help. I checked out some of the Coordinate System Transformation posts on the forum but it does not seem to work for me.

In the picture below, I want to place a certain family at the point, but I am not able to get the desired point coordinates in Dynamo when I use the Spot Coordinates locations (w.r.t. Survey Point) as inputs.

You need to rotate the coordinate system in the other direction, so “Angle to true north” * -1

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Thanks. Still, there’s a huge difference and the point family gets placed at a remote location in Revit.
I also tried (360 - Angle to True North).

Can you show how you get the coordinates by Element.GetLocation?
What is that Element? How is it created? Does it come from a linked file?

Yeah, I manually placed a spherical marker point family in Revit as visible in the original post (E 227743, N 407763) and got its location in Dynamo through Element.Location+ node.

ok, you dont need to rotate the coordinate system at all…just connect the nodes like this:

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Despite Angle to True North being a Survey Point parameter seems like the Base Point Coordinate System is rotated with respect to the Project Origin

spBp.dyn (30.8 KB)

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Thanks for the dyn file. But I’m still lost. :neutral_face:

connected but…?

I’ve demonstrated transforming a point from it’s absolute position to one relative to the Survey Point coordinate system. But seems like you intend to do the reverse
Swap the inputs for fromCoordinateSystem and contextCoordinateSystem

spBp1.dyn (27.5 KB)

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Thanks a ton! You’re the savior. Easy to track thousands of such points now. @Vikram_Subbaiah

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