Place family acc. point definition from list of families

Any idea if there is an option in dynamo to match point and definition type with family? So it can draw a correct family on correct point according point definition.

Like for fist point take a coordinates and than look in same sublist for a definition and then use correct family…


Thank you

What error does the yellow node give you?
Solve that first.
Then take the node String from Object to convert the family names in the bottom part of your picture to a string (text) then match that with your 4th sublist with the Contains node and a Boolean Mask node.
Then make a new list that contains coordinates and family name.
Then separate them out using a code block calling indexes like you did already
Then feed the result to the FamilyInstance.ByCurve node like this.

Thank you very much for fast answer but I do not get it. maybe it is Friday or it is just too complicated for me.

With node Point.ByCoordinates is nothing wrong just protest that my inputs lie outside of the allowable modeling range… and so on.

I am here.

Now try to make a new list

0 coordin 01
1 coordin 02
2 family 01 [green id here)
0 coordin 01a
1 coordin 02a
2 family 02 [green id here)

we are not done yet, step by step

Thank you that makes much more sense. Now I already left office. I will implement it on Monday.
Again thank you very much.

Again thank you for helping me.

I was able to get the list like you want I hope.

But there is a problem with string.contain
It do not compare properly even when I change walue from CPt1 to Family Type: CPt1, Family: CPt1

at first glance i can only see 2 items in your sublists.
it needs 3
but thre must be other ways to do this.

Guys…help, i dont have Revit at home

Finaly I was able to get list of families accrding my list and list of points.

This forum string helped me.

I hope this is a correct solution.

Why don’t you use the node I built for this long ago!?

it was shown later in the post

now it is a node in the Orchid package

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In later posts there was mentioned just BimEDU package but this one do not had that package. And then it wants me to update Orchid (But I install BimEDU so which Orchid…) so I rather use the original solution when it work.
But thank you for hint.

I am really sorry. If I can say I prefer code block than a prepared node. Because sometimes the description in the node is not descriptive enought. And at the end I was just really happy that it works.