Parametric tag

Hi All,
Firstly thanks for looking at my post.
my goal was to create a tag that combines the following field in this order.
model name(3048RI) and parametric value(Lay Length) = 3048RI2500
we tag pipes by length and i would like to have it labelled this way.
i could really use some guidance.


Looks like you’re making good progress! I’ll try and give some advice from my phone tonight, otherwise I’ll have a go at my pc tomorrow.

So your description is that you want to do 2 things, combine 2 parameters (which you would then need to push into a 3rd parameter) and also create a tag to read the 3rd combined parameter.

Instead, could you make yourself a tag which combines the parameters? Then all Dynamo has to do is create the tag? The advantage of this is that your label will be up to date without having to rerun the graph. Your graph can then be more simple and you don’t need to make the 3rd parameter.

Your create tag node is going in the right direction. If you do a quick google you will see some posts to help, like this one…

The thing which jumps out is that you want the location of the elements to plug into the location of the tags, Element Location + from clockwork I think should help.
If all that sounds ok I can give some more assistance?

Hope that helps,