Tagging detail line for length

Hi all!
I currently created detail lines in dynamo and would like tag the lines show the parameter of their length and eventually place the whole group of objects into revit.
Does anyone no the best way to do that?

As of the tag nodes in dynamo, I only find ones that tag automatically in revit - but I would like to place the tag relative to the curve I created in dynamo and probably only then load it all to revit.

Appreciate any help given!

Hi :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can tag a detail line… You could create a piece of text next to the line, and have Dynamo update the value…

Or you could create a line based detail family and tag that… You will need to run the graph in 2 or 3 transactions, so that Revit understands that the family instance has been created and will then allow it to be Tagged.

Hopefully that is useful.


Trying to absorb it :sweat_smile:
Why would it have to be a few transactions? Can’t it be one transaction with a few actions: create Detail line, add parameters based on line (regular line before converted to detailed) and finally to place it - wouldn’t that be good?
Plus, what is your take on being able to group it and loading at least the detailed lines as one element - possible?
Thanks for the response!


Clockwork package has ‘group.fromelements’.

Transactions are about Revit more than Dynamo… Revit needs to understand a discrete series of steps in order to do what you want. It can’t find something to tag that hasn’t been ‘made’… Generally Dynamo wraps everything up in 1 transaction for you… When you run a Dynamo Graph, if you look in Revit at your undo, you’ll see the Dynamo transactions… However if you search for a End.Transaction in Dynamo, you’ll see that you can force Dynamo to run multiple transactions in a graph, which will let you do what you want :slight_smile:

Apologies, this is reasonably techie… Have a play with a simple test file to see what’s going on…



Appreciate it!
Thanks Mark! :slight_smile: