Troubled Tag Placement From 'Create Annotation Tag' and mm vs ft



Greetings All,

I am having difficult with tag placement when using Create Annotation Tag from the archi-lab package.

I can correctly collect and provide the inputs for the node. The tags are placed based on imperial locations Point( x[ft], y[ft], z[ft] ). My model is using [mm], and Dynamo is passing [mm] based locations through the various nodes.

I know that Dynamo is supposed to be unitless, so I am confused about the operation of the Create Annotation Tag node.

Here’s an annotated graph.

Thanks for any help! I was scratching my head for a while before figuring out what the problem was and I’d prefer to avoid it again.


Hi Keith,

@keithdavidge Try this:


Thank you. Very helpful.

I am confused about two things:

  1. Why must we flatten the location list but not the Element list (and where does one best learn which lists need flattening)?

  2. My Springs.Element.SetLocation correctly places the tag in my Revit model but appears to have an empty output. Is there a difference between your run and mine that I’m missing? (It works but I want to know why.)

Thanks again!


You don’t need to flatten your list. You can connect without flattening.

Are you using Revit 2016?
If you ignore “EmptyList” did the element moved on the location?


I was running Revit 2015.

The tags were placed correctly by Springs.Element.SetLocation.

Thanks for all of the help.


Hello, I have been trying to place the label in the columns by placing an offset to its location, but it turns out that my columns have very variable dimensions in the “Y” coordinate, which means that in the large columns they are placed over them. I have the idea of getting the dimension of each column in “Y”, and at that value add the offset, but I do not know how to do it, any idea.