Multi-Category Tags on structural framings

Hi there! I have almost a month since i’ve been using Dynamo, and every experience has been taught me a lot. Now i’m here to figure out whats wrong with this Script, i try to put Tags on structural framings with a “Multi-category Tags”:

I tried, and tried and have no results, so please, Can someone tell me whats wrong with this? I dont have any “Warning” advice from Dynamo neither.
I will appreciate any answer! Have a nice day!

I don’t know these custom nodes, but you are feeding points into Curves.PointAtParameter, try the script without that node.

Hi Daan! thanks for your time… No Results without the node, and any “Warning advice” neither…

have you tried only inserting 1 tag type? i think the custom node doesnt support a list as input for that.

Or if it does support lists, it probably has to match to the input list of items :slight_smile:

Hi @memo.davila1988,

First check that the Create Tag node correlates to the version of Revit.
For Revit 2019 and later, the correct node is Create Independent Tag.

@Daan is correct and only one Tag Type is expected as input.
Once the tags are created, you can of course change their types with a SetParameterByName node.

Hi @Daan Thanks again for Reply! i’ve just made what @Alban_de_Chasteigner recommended (Thanks for reply too), so, now i have a “Warning” advice, as you can see in the image, (i’ve changed the node to “Create Independent Tag”):

Your List Create node has an error (light gray color = input missing)
For next time, you should expand the previews below the nodes to help us understand your graph.

Hi @Daan @Alban_de_Chasteigner sorry, i’ve bussy… Guys, i think my problem is because i’m using a “Filter Parameter” in my Multi-category Tag… So, What i want is to put a Tag on “Structurals Framings” , so each element (Structural Framings) will have a tag with a Length value on them (Just like a Dimension) , here i show some changes i’ve been working on (I’ve expanded all previews as i can):

(Sorry, this is the right one)

Could you share this .dyn file and maybe a corresponding Revit sample?

Hi @Daan ! Here it is, i really hope it can be usefull… I’ve been so bussy and i’m so sorry for not reply
immediately, so, i think what the problem is, but i really couldn’t find out:
I worked a Multicategory Tag with a “Filter Parameter” as i explained it before to use a “Length Value” as a Dimension, but i made two kinf of test, first i loaded the “Multicategory Tag” with the “Filter Parameter” in the “Family Type” node, with no results and no warning advice, then i made it, loading a family tag which i did with “Generic Annotation” template and it Worked! But… the Tags are on all the structural framings with a “?” Symbol… so… the “Filter Parameter” seems to be very essential. For more details, i’m workin’ on a project where i need to get the length from Roof’s accesories. (Rakes, Ridges, etc.) and i’m using structural framings instead of “Dimnensions”.
Any Tips… I will appreciate it! Thanks!
(the Revit 2019 file )
SAMPLE01.rvt (1.5 MB)
Home.dyn (24.3 KB)


You can filter the structural framings by name and use a filter on the tags like this :

Tags 2
Home V2.dyn (35.2 KB)

If you have several different structural framings types, use a List.GroupByKey node :

Home V3.dyn (35.2 KB)

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner i really appreciate your time! ok, I’ve been doin’ all kind of test with the script you sent, with no results…
My First case contains tags created with “Generic Annotation” Template:

As you can see, when i run the script, the “?” shows up when i insert others “Structural Family” types.
My Second case is when i run the script and my Tags i created are made with “Multi-Category Tag” Template, with any kind of results, just warnings advice in Dynamo:

But the advice below “Create Independent Tag” really catches my attention, It says, literaly, from the text:
My question is: Are the Filter Parameters in the “Multi-category Tag” the problem?

Hi Memo,

You probably should read the Dynamo Primer.
This will familiarize you with key concepts like list management, Sort.ByKey, Group.ByKey …
Your use of GroupByKey is incorrect. Keys must match the number of elements.

Another tip, before trying things in Dynamo, try them out in Revit and you will see similar results.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner, Really… thanks a lot for help, time and all the tips! same to you @Daan! i already found a way to make it real, element by element, trying and trying… but, here it is, at least it gives me the keys to do what i was looking for (Maybe a little rustic, but it works!):