In Dynamo 1.2 how can a new Project Parameter be made using a Shared Parameter?

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mhmmm, first of all please post the warning/error that you are getting. Secondly, just by looking at this, I can guess that:

  1. groupName is not a parameterGroup input type but rather a string that represents the Shared Parameter Group name. That’s a group inside of your Shared Parameter file.
  2. Type, is probably a type of parameter, ex. Text, Integer etc.
  3. is List.Join the right node here? I think List.Create would do the trick.

Again, please post more accurate information. Do you just expect people to guess what is wrong with your set-up?

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Changing the Type and the Shared Parameter Group worked, thanks Konrad.


I can’t find Parameter.CreateProjectParameter , is it in a specific package ?

It is in Dynamo 1.2.

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What if I don’t want to make the project parameter NOT a shared parameter? If I leave the groupName input empty, the parameter is never created.

Hello everyone, like @abdelgawad I can not find Parameter.CreateProjectParameter… I have Dynamo 1.2.1.
I am quiet new in Dynamo, I can not find the answer on other topic.

For anyone having the same problem, it is about Revit version too, not only Dynamo version.
In Revit 2015, this node, Parameter.CreateProjectParameter, does not exist.

This seems to actually create a shared parameter, not a project parameter. When you go into edit parameter, “Shared Parameter” button is toggled and grayed out. Anyone know what’s actually happening here? Revit 2017, and Dynamo 1.2


I’m seeing this too. Additionally, it appears to be writing to a Shared Parameter file that is invisible. The loaded shared parameter file does not contain the items generated by the graph when checked. The help for the Parameter.CreateProjectParameter says it is creating a project parameter so the intent is opaque. Does anyone have any insight on what is happening under the hood here?

Is this a glitch between Dynamo and Revit then? If this node does not actually create a project parameter as it appears to be intended, and instead creates a “floating” Shared Parameter that fails to write to a loaded Shared Parameter file, should this issue be reported?

The positive I see though is that these parameters are transferable still between projects. They to be both project parameters and shared parameters at the same time. Weird.

What if I don’t want to make the project parameter NOT a shared parameter? If I leave the groupName input empty, the parameter is never created.

i still dont see an answer to this very eminent question by @BIMextension : What if you dont want to make a shared parameter?

Best to make a new topic. Things have changed a lot in the year+ since this topic was last reviewed and this thread already has a solution marked.

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Input empty string to groupName, like this - “”, for creating project parameter.

Oops… This way creating Shared parameters without shared parameters file… and it can create parameters with same name.

Have one question how do you make this not create multiples if they are already in the project. It seems that if you hit the run command it creates the parameter just fine but if you run it again (after you reload) it adds the same parameter again.

You’ll have to check for the parameter, if it exists, if it does, do nothing, or if not create.
If.exists node will toggle a IF node, you’ll put the Parameter.CreateProjectParameter to the false input, and just terminate the script if true.

I’m a day or so out from writing a pretty big loop doing this, I’ll posts the nodes when it’s done.


that is awesome let me know if I can help

just got back to work from the pandemic. did you ever get anywhere with the loop?