Dynamo 2.0 Parameter.CreateSharedParameter

Hello, i’m strulling to create a new shared parameter in the project with Dynamo 2.0.
i’ve tried to use the category node ans the all category node but no luck yet. he tells me that the parameter Type is wrong all thoughCapture%20shared%20parameters is a string .

thank you

it worked.

Guys, I’m reading over but cant get any results. I did the same of you talbimam but I get nulls.
I créated A shared paraméter group into Revit named “METHODES”
Need to create over and rename several times shared parameters and project parameters, I really look for a solution.
Looking forward any help


'group input is not '“methods”
PG_Text will place it under “Text”, try to find your group using the OOTB node for parameter groups.

a good advice, try always to hover the input port to see which type of data it takes… this will eliminate many basic errors.