Creating shared parameters in Revit

Hei Dynamo experts, I need help with a little project of mine. I’m trying to create a share parameter in Revit. I wrote this one:

It worked only the first try, and after that it just stop working. I don’t know what happened. any ideas?
Also every time I save, close and re-open the same file, these two nodes change to ones marked in image below. should I select another node?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Check if the groupName group exists in your shared parameter file.

Also this is a “one time” node, you run it once, parameters gonna be created in SP file and under Project Parameters as well.

@daninet Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
I have a group named as Test in my SP.
I also tried this with different group names but didn’t work either.

Also Dynamo crash after every run.