Create Project Parameter from Shared Parameter

Looking at creating a couple Project Parameters from Shared Parameters.
In testing my graph, it looks to run as I’d expect when a project is created and Dynamo is opened fresh.
However, if I delete the Project Parameters and run it again the Parameters are not recreated. Closing and opening the project and the graph then an error is thrown and the node turns wacky.
It appears that the parameter, even though it is deleted actually still exists.


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It might be not the parameter but the parameter group (already there) delete that aswell
(don’t know how btw, just reasoning here)

It is a kind of strange that the "Create Project Parameter" node has a "groupName" entry since creating a project parameter should not look in a shared parameter file!?
@Michael_Kirschner2 do you know why the OOTB nodes have such an option?

In my node for adding project parameters, I don’t have this, since it doesn’t make sense… either you add a shared parameter or you add a project parameter, even though it in the background uses the same method… namely adding a parameter as shared parameter. We cant unfortunately add project parameters as it can be done manually inside Revit…

Therefore, does my nodes look like this…

@mdhutchinson, I will suggest that you use the node for adding shared parameters, try using the OOTB node… if that fail, then try mine, I have solved some of the issues there is with the OOTB nodes for creating parameters.

If you insist creating “just” a project parameter, then use mine, since that will not give you erros as is the case with the OOTB node.

Hi @erfajo - I looked briefly at the implementation:

I think that the node naming of the node is not aligned with the revit API/UI and instead was intended to be simpler to understand for new users - but I agree it seems to only add confusion since internally this node creates shared parameters using a shared parameter file.

I think in this case the group is used just as a way of avoiding collisions between parameters in the shared parameter file with the same name.

I defer to the community or Revit teams usually on Revit API functionality though. If you think we should get rid of this input, we can obsolete this node and change it in 3.0.

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I actually think, if you feed the node with a group, then you will get an error. However, this would be going into depth with coding, and as you write, it should be a Dynamo DS Github issue.

actually @mdhutchinson looking back at your image - I think the error stems from the broken dropdown node. That second output is probably returning null.

I think the bug here is that the dropdown node is not updated to work with dynamo 2.x or something else is loading

Is that an OOTB node? (Parameter Groups)

I also saw that problem, but since I could replicate it myself I thought something is going on here…
I think @mdhutchinson has a Dynamo 2.0 installation, not 2.01 or 2.02

Furthermore does the title indicate that it should be “create shared parameter” that should be used, not “create project parameter” :slight_smile:

This is the version I am on currently.

FYI: I needed a Project Parameter that comes from the Shared Parameter file, as I need to be able to Schedule as well as Tag the element. As I understand it this is the only Parameter Type that can be Scheduled as well as be able to be used in a Tag. Isn’t this correct?


In our company we share the shared parameters (protocol) as a file with our project partners such as construction and the MEP guys aswell. Consistancy is key in some projects.
This allows us to create filters that work for all, and in all models, for instance.
It’s part of our collaboration strategy and it is working very well.

In addition:
If you could make me a node that would give me the value of a parameter by parameterGUID it would make me very happy.


check this…

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Maybe i didn’t explain very well.
We have cases where we end up with double, triple or many Shared Project parameters with the same name.
Only one of those is the original shared parameter from the shared parameter file with its GUID.
Imagine we have a Dynamo workflow where we use SetParameterByName and i use that name of the multiple parameter.
Where does the data go?
You see?

People tend to copy from linked files bringing in the parameters aswell, and people tend to create parameters that are already in the project evironment when creating families (you can only know when you were aware of that). We have Reviteers with little experience and full blown masters.

another scenario:
Lets say we have a shared project parameter set to some category as a type parameter. Now make a family with that same shared parameter set as instance and load the family in the project.

next scenario:
Lets say we recreate the parameters with that same name as family parameter (so not the shared one) when editing a family and load it.
What happens?
Maybe i missed it in your nodes but can you make something that solves this?

…meaning essentially, GUID from the parameters inside the project, and then you can compare those with the guids in the “master” file… which could be one of the two new query node I have build :slight_smile:

So the node missing is getting the project parameters guids!?

The remaning is filtering (OOTB node) and deleting (one of my parameter nodes) what should not be present in the project.

Yeah, sort of…
A workflow where i can round up all data values set to the faulty parameters and set it to the correct one, concat if nessesary (there might be two), then delete the parameters.

I can understand that you cannot program around stupidity :slight_smile:

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So, where does this leave me?

as # erfajo pointed out, this can be done manually from inside of Revit by the user. And, I’ll admit, it is easy to do. I was hoping to automate as much as possible for this overall Dynamo solution - to gain buy-in from the users.

So, I am needing parameters associated to the Room objects… the only way I know of doing this is through a Project Parameter… and since you cannot use it in both schedules and a tag, this is the reason it needs to be a Shared Parameter.

See image below:

In the project parameters dialog you can choose a shared parameter when you click add, is this what you mean?

Sorry, that last post wasn’t clear enough. However, this is why I titled original post. “Create Project Parameter from a Shared Parameter”… the answer to your question is definitely yes.

I need Parameter that can be both Scheduled as well as shown in a tag.

I am green with revit, I’ll admit. Isn’t this the only way to get that?

it is.
in a tag family you can add the same shared parameter inside a label, but make sure you have a shared parameter file
and as soon as the shared parameter is added to your project parameters
you can schedule aswell
the same values will be shown in schedule and tag alike

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Where did I miss communicate?

Why are others on this thread seem to be pointing me in another direction?

It is exactly this process that I want to automate with Dynamo.

I already have the Shared Parameters I need in the file.
So are you saying that there is currently no way to automate adding the Project Parameters I need using Dynamo?