Override colors of Rooms

I’m trying to create a script to color rooms based on program area. And I noticed when it works, using the OverrideColorInView OOTB node, it changes the colors of the rooms globally. Oddly it seems to affect the color fill and interior fill colors. This seems to break the Color Schemes. Or rather, the Color schemes are applied to the view as the legend indicates, but the Rooms stay overridden with the Dynamo applied color. And I can’t seem to clear the color override.

Hi @steve.meyers ,

You can reset the overrides of your rooms easily.

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Is that a custom node? What is the RIE.resetgraphicoverridsinviews node?
I am using Dynamo 1.3 and Revit 2017. I did try resetting the graphics using the element.resetoverridesinview and that didn’t work. It appears that once I assign a color to the rooms with Dynamo, that color is persistent and the only way to change it is to assign it a different color using the OverrideColorInView node again.
What confuses me is the color node’s title says InView but at least in my Revit file it applies the color globaly. Could it be something related the Revit file itself?
Additional searching surfaced this quote from the What Revit wants blog, “Interior Fill turns on the system controlled light blue fill”. Where does one control the light blue fill?
If I create a new room or copy one of the affect rooms, that rooms behaviour reverts back to Interior Fill light blue. And oddly the “interior fill” of the colored rooms changes to colored boundary lines.

RIE is a package.

I tested the node and the reset override graphic worked well on the rooms so it’s probably the solution to your issue.

RIE is a package.

Can you post a link to that particular package? I’m having trouble finding it. Or is that an acronym for the package name or an AKA.
If I right click on a room in Revit and choose Override graphics in view by element, it doesn’t have the familiar overrides for pattern and color under element overrides. Are you coloring your rooms first with the OverrideColorInView and an argb color?

Yes, I noticed that only Transparency and halfone are the override graphic properties accessible in Revit and I colored the rooms with OverrideColorInView and an argb color.


Very interesting. i think I searched incorrectly for REI, the local outdoor apparel store.

It works when I pass the RIE node a list like you’ve done, but it doesn’t work if I just pass it the Active View. Thanks for your help and patience, I appreciate it. Seems it needs a list and not a function.

I’m still wondering how I can develop a room program analysis graph that colors rooms red, blue or green in one view without having to later come back and clear those colors for other presentation views with color schemes to work. Is there some other way to color rooms with Dynamo?

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After playing around with all combinations of Room visibility graphics, I learned this color override affects the “Interior” sub-category color, that light blue of the active view only. If the view has a color scheme, “Color” sub-category is modified as well, but with different RGB results. So the good news is since it only affects the active view, I will still have my schematic color scheme view with this area analysis view. I feel like I must be missing something obvious. There must be an easier way to create a colored plan that compares program area to actual Room Area.