Override Element Colour/Color (but not line)

Hi all,

I’m using the Element.OverrideColourInView node to colour floors and generic models in a 3D view (to replicate ‘colour scheme’ for 3D). However the node also overrides projection lines (see image - detail missing around floor edges and lift openings). Note: I do not want to create extra geometry in the model to achieve this (i.e. using dynamo to create coloured masses per room boundaries)

I’ve tried looking for an alternative node that only colours surface pattern, but no luck so far. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Hi, have a look at this post on graphics overrides. It lists the parameters and values assessed when overrides are present. I think you should experiment with a modified python script to alter just one setting in the overrides for your elements. Check out @Yna_Db python topic here, Python Nodes Basics

Thanks for the pointers Ewan! Python is definitely something i’ll start to look into when time permits.

In the meantime I solved the issue by using the “OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties” and “Element.OverrideInView” nodes. Works like a charm: