Mistake. --> Element.OverrideColorInView

I am a beginner with dynamo
I am trying to make a solid to room

RoomColor.dyn (7.8 KB) SolidVol.rvt (3.3 MB)
but he makes a mistake. --> Element.OverrideColorInView
is there anyone who can help me ?
see files:
.dyn . rvt

Thank you so much

Hello @bauleitungusw,

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: It’s super cool to see you starting your journey with Dynamo.

Your graph is pretty close - I’ve amended the solution and attached it here and will explain below:

RoomColor_SA.dyn (21.4 KB)

What was happening was that were giving the same name for each DirectShape instance. All of these instances behave differently to rooms - they need a unique name! So what was happening is that you were, technically, creating all the rooms - it was just overriding the one before resulting in the final room only.

There are many ways to solve this problem - the solution I used was to also pull the Room Number and concatenate (join) them together :slight_smile: This gives you your desired result in Revit!

I also used the Colour.Range node to get a gradient of colour and a node to show the same colour values inside Dynamo :nerd_face:


Hoi Solamour
thanks for the information and for the timely response


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Hello Solamour,
I’m still asking for information.
I have Dynamo 2.0.1 and it gives me this problem (Element.OverrideColorInView)
Thank you

Hello Enne,

Can you show me the following please?

  1. What the error message is for the Element.OverrideColorInView (Yellow) node?
  2. What the output of the /W DirectShape.ByGeometry node gives?

Also, you can upgrade to Dynamo 2.0.3 which will help solve a few bugs :slight_smile: Go to dynamobuilds.com and under the Stable section go download it! That alone will probably resolve your issue.

Hello Solamour,
I did the upgrade to Dynamo 2.0.3
the error message is for the Element.OverrideColorInView (Yellow) is:
Note: The Element.OverrideColorInView method provides topic types (Element, Color),
but it’s been called by (string, DSCore.Color).

I don’t know why you’re doing this.

Ah - it appears the output of your DirectShape.ByGeometry node is a string, not an element! Can you please show what is coming out of that node? Use a watch node or pin the preview bubble :slight_smile:

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Need to see all of the inputs as well - I would guess there is an error message coming out of the direct shape node along the lines of ‘expected _____, got ______’

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Hello Solamour,
I can’t solve

if you can explain to me what I’m doing wrong.
Tank you

Your watch node doesn’t contain any data - so the DirectShape.ByGeometry node is failing. This causes all of the downstream nodes to fail :frowning:

It appears that you have no Geometry created upstream - can you please post an image of your entire graph, and pin open the preview bubbles?

I attach images 1 2 3

I hope it’s okay.

Hello Enne,

It’s the node before this particular node that is causing the problem :slight_smile: Can you please try the following?

Zoom into your nodes so you can see all the data, click the pin on each preview bubble in your graph - like this reference graph below and then navigate to: file -> Export Workspace as Image…, save off the image and post here.

Hello Solamour,
the Workspace ist here

Please right-click on the DirectShape.ByGeometries node and select: Lacing --> Auto :slight_smile: See if that helps!