Moving Views on sheet to suit subfolder category

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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to move views from one subfolder to another in the project browser without doing it manually.

Basically, I have a WIP subfolder and a Document Subfolder. When a view is used on a sheet, I change the “View_Type” parameter from 01.WIP to 02.Document. (Highlighted in purple on attached image)

The parameters are set up as shown in the image attached.

Is it possible to use the “Sheet Number” or “Sheet Name” parameter to drive the “View_Type” into the Document subfolder as the “Sheet Number” & “Sheet Name” automatically fills when a view is on a sheet??


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Yes this can be done by get and set parameters via filtering views category.

Can you point me in the right direction regarding the nodes needed for filtering views please?

I am not on a pc with revit and dynamo so I cannot check. but this topic and on post no. 5 would be what you need to do.

Apologies as I will not be able to test, you may need to play around with it.

Hope it helps.

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This could help to get started:

Custom nodes are from Rhythm

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Fantastic, thanks for the start! I’ve just added a couple of nodes to perform this action to all the sheets in the project.