Sheet Name from View Name

Dear Friends,
How we can create dynamo script to automatically set name of all sheets same as the Floor Plan (which is located inside specific sheet) view name
As an example see photo bellow:
As you can see there is a Floor Plan view in the CA-A4-HP-02 numbered Sheet.
I want Dynamo change name Ventilation Ground Floor to Zirzəmi - Ductwork


You can use this script for naming different sheets

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Dear Nainoorpatel,
Thanks. But it is not what i was asking for.

Can you please upload your script so that we can get a better idea of your problem?

Added photo for more explanation.

@nainoorpatel gave you the basic process you need to follow. You just need to get all sheets and their views. Then you can get the view names with GetParameterValueByName and give the sheets the same name using SetParameterByName.

Dear Nick,
thanks for reply. However it is not that much easy to fulfill this task :frowning_face:. I am working on it last two days and decided to ask your help.

Can you show us what you have so far? It’s hard to help you if you can’t show what you’ve done.

Or you can manually rename them by
1)In the Project Browser, under Sheets (all), right-click the sheet name and click Rename, or select the sheet and press F2.
2)In the Sheet Name dialog, enter a new number and name for the sheet, and click OK.

Also, if you have many sheets, then in such a case you can use schedule:

1)View >Schedules > Sheet List > make a schedule that contains among others Sheet Name

2)In schedule , Sheet Name I type an A- before the name , then CTRL+ C -copy to clipboard

3)Paste to the other names from the last using CTRL+V

4)The names will change in Project Browser…

Please find the All script I could do until now. :frowning: I stuck to filter floor plans views from the list.
Lazimsiz.dyn (11.3 KB)

If I follow you correctly, you want to rename any sheet which has a floor plan view with the name of that floor plan? The suggestions so far are useful, especially if there are only a few sheets in your project, do it manually as it will be quicker.

Nevertheless, if you have many to rename and manual isn’t more efficient, then here are some steps you could take:

  1. Collect all sheets using Dynamo (you could create a Sheet Schedule using Revit and filter sheets that only contain plan views, then use BimorphNodes SheetsFromSchedule node to keep things simple)
  2. Get all views from the sheet using the OOTB Sheet.Views node
  3. Extract the ViewType and filter all the views that are plans
  4. Get the resultant view names
  5. Update the Sheet name parameters with these names (there’s a node in BimorphNodes called RenumberRenameSheets which is purpose-built for this task and trumps the OOTB SetParameterByName node where renumbering conflicts are concerned)

This seems like a task that should be run before you’ve added other views to your sheets but nevertheless you could still make it work with a little modification. If you have multiple views on a sheet you’ll have to filter them.
Try something like this:

Nick Boyts,
Thanks so much. It is really most likely solving my problem. I am trying it now.


Hi i tried this on my side and it did not work…
my Sheet Name Parameter is in the Title Block category…

how can i copy that value into my Title block Sheet Name?

managed to make it work! thanks a lot.