View Name vs Title on Sheet

Hi All,

Is there a simple workaround for getting the actual view name for a viewport instead of the override value for Title on Sheet?

Just use the Built In Parameter:

Nodes from Archi-lab package.


That’s awesome @Konrad_K_Sobon. Hugely helpful so here is the end result of what I was scheming. Annoyed at Revit (as usual) I pulled together a Dynamo Player script that allows a user to pick a view (or views) on a sheet and move them to another sheet (in the same location on the sheet) by using user inputs. The only package required for this to run successfully is #springnodes (for the Input.Wait node) as I couldn’t think of a way to stage the run sequence without using it. Some of the python scripts have been copied from #springnodes::tags so thanks @Dimitar_Venkov Enjoy all.

Move Views to Sheet for Dynamo Player 1-2.dyn (67.0 KB)