"Apply Template Properties to Current View"

I am very new to Dynamo, only been using it about a week, so i am sure this is a simple question I just cannot figure it out. I am trying to create a graph that works like the “Apply Template Properties to Current View”. If i create a graph that is just apply view template and then a separate graph that removes the template it works fine. However when i combine them into one graph i cannot get it to work. I have tried using the “Passthrough” node from clockworks and the “Input.Wait” from spring nodes to have the graph apply the template and then when that is done remove it. No errors it just doesn’t seem to work. I couldn’t find any information on how to do this in the forums. If some one could help with this graph or point me in a better direction to apply template properties that would be awesome!

Try this:

Thanks for the Reply Jacob. I tried that but it is still not applying the template to the RVT file. It almost seems linke everything is working fine in dynamo its just getting Revit to apply it. Apply Template Properties to Current View 2Apply Template Properties to Current View.dyn (5.1 KB)

What if you remove the ‘remove view template’ node? Do the templates actually apply themselves?


Try to understand what im doing here.


How do i download this?

@tailieudutruqn94 I think the “View.SetViewTemplate” from archi-lab is the same thing.

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Thanks for Answering Marcel.

If i am understanding the thread correctly, you have an existing view template applied to your view. Then you save views and view templates in excel. Next you apply a new view template with the changes you would like to apply. Last you reapply the the original view templates from the information you have saved in excel. I tried mimicking that idea on a much simpler scale. The issue i am having here is that it does not apply the first View.SetViewTemplate. However, it does apply the Second one. Example When I press run it only applies View Template Test 2. It does not apply anything from View Template Test 1. Apply Template Properties to Current View.dyn (5.6 KB)

Hi @Tyson_Bekker

You can merge the templates only if you uncheck the include options for the parameter like so:
Original Template.

Temporary Template.

Then go back to the original view template (stored in excel or a parameter i created in this example)



I have a script to copy 3D views and apply them a temporary view template, that i was previously create because it overrides the revit links. And at the script end, i want to remove that view template from the project.

The script works perfectly if i don´t remove the template, but if i delete it, the views automatically apply the VG of the begining view template but without any view template applied.

I don´t know exactly how to apply those nodes that you talked about.


@Tyson_Bekker, did you ever manage to get this to work correctly?

@Marcel_Rijsmus, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your working script and/or your spreadsheet for this?

sorry i don’t have that one anymore.