Include/exclude for visibility graphics of linked models

Is anyone aware of any changes to the Revit API (or other workarounds, other than Merge two view templates by @Marcel_Rijsmus) to be able to adjust the “include/exclude” for visibility graphics of linked models with Dynamo?

I’m looking for a way to be able to manipulate the visibility of let’s say a linked structural or architectural model floor plan within my host MEP model; to turn on/off certain parameters in the Revit Link tab for Model Categories and/or Annotation Categories. Also of interest is the ability to turn on/off the Halftone and/or Underlay option for Revit Links.

The highlighted areas in this image are the areas of concern:

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Still nothing regarding this topic?

not that i know of
it’s not available in the API, is what i heard from @Konrad_K_Sobon

The API is not available so you cannot control these values from Dynamo.

One way to control these values in some automatic way would be with Journal Playback. If you have lots of models that you want to set this settings for, you can record a journal file, and then play it back in other models to execute the same steps. This is a semi-manual way of doing it, but should be relatively faster than doing it by hand. That’s of course if we are talking about lots of models with the exact same steps that you need to take. Otherwise it makes no sense to even bother with journals. Just do it manually.


Hi All,
Is it possible to do it manually, from Dynamo? Even if there would be needed to select different view from list, select options from list and run script each time separately for each view template, it would be much faster than opening VG windows and selecting/deselecting options manually…