Hide Project Base Point in Linked File

Hi Guys,

Am I doing something wrong here, Even after running this script my project base point is visible in my 3D View.
Can you please help.

I am trying to hide Project Base point in a Linked file.

Why not just turn it off in visibility/graphics?

@Nick_Boyts Thanks for your reply.

I have 12 Revit Links in my working file and 150 sheets having Project Base point
So If this works, I can make it hide all at one go in all my sheets.

I would still say it’s easier to use a view template to control that rather than having to control each view independently. Even if you do have a Dynamo script to hide the points you have to run it every time you add a view or sheet, rather than having a view template do it for you automatically.

Plus, coordinate system points don’t print, so I don’t understand why you need to hide them on sheets. Could you explain a little more as to why you’re doing this?

@Nick_Boyts We have recently upgraded this project from Revit 2019 to Revit 2020.

All our sheets where fine in Revit 2019. After this upgrade, we have PBP and SP all over the place in the sheets & views. Quite annoying - some of our linked revit file have survey point miles away. It is hard for turn off individually model and individual view template. We have already set our view template and sheets.
I do understand PBP and SP doesnt print.
we have more than 85 view templates in total. In most of the view template, most of the Revit link Model category are customised.

Anything more I am ready to explain & I am very eager to solve this issue.

A real situation - I have 12 linked files x 85 view templates = 1020 time I have to turnoff PBP & SP.

Well I think the API still doesn’t allow you to hide linked elements yet. Normally I would suggest using Dynamo to add a filter to all your views but I don’t think you can filter coordinate systems either. Unfortunately I think you’re going to have to do it manually with view templates at this point.

Hopefully someone else can think of something.

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Atleast I got a solution - I cant solve it using Dynamo.

After your reply @Nick_Boyts - I dont know what to say but I fell like



Yeah, that’s just a weird situation involving an already limited part of the API. Best of luck.

I think Marcel had a work around to merge view templates (not an API method)? Maybe it’s useful…

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Easier to change the little known ‘Project Standards/Project Info’ workset ‘visible in all views’ off in the host file.
Since the PBPs in the linked files are on this workset and using the nested worksets in Revit- they will all turn off

hope that makes sense


@Andrew_Hannell Wow this seems to be convincing.
Let me have a quick try on this and come back.

Thanks @Andrew_Hannell

I guess this post should not be in Dynamo Forum.
Thanks for your reply @Nick_Boyts @Mark.Ackerley
Thanks for your awesome solution @Andrew_Hannell