Mapping dynamo built panel to lunchbox surface

Hello All,

I’m trying to conduct a new experiment where I build a panel in dynamo (typically built as adaptive component in revit), then map it to a surface/ skin panelized using a lunchbox diamond node. If I use an adaptive component, matching and orienting the 4 points of the adaptive panel to the 4-points of each list item out lunch box is done automatically. With a dynamo-built panel, I need to orient and transform manually. I know I need to use coordinate systems to transform my panel to the surface, but I missing something that would match the 4 points of the panels to the lunchbox list, and help orient properly. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Try reordering the numbered adaptive reference points in your adaptive component. I had to do this for the diamond panel from lunchbox.

Just realize that wasn’t december 16 but december of 2016. Hopefully you figured it out by now :slight_smile:

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