Dynamo and divided surface?


I am trying to create a pattern like this ( refer attached image) in Dynamo then place a 4 point adaptive to make a facade. Can you do that in Dynamo ?

Thanks alot.


Zach, are there custom nodes at play in this example? When I open the file there are empty spaces with broken connections.

Still a work in progress, but here is the point layout results. The points themselves are organized in a list with edges as start and end of each list. More to come

Hi Ngoc

I'm using your files and, after re-picking the Family Instance, I can manipulate the parameter. However, I think this is not an approach that will scale until we are able to do a mass selection of pane components.

I also finally had a chance last night to try doing a point layout for a similar surface that recognizes edge conditions as well as interior points. I think this will be very helpful to manage the "cut off" ends. If you do the layout entirely in the graph, as Matt is suggesting, then you will have very tight control over all your panel elements, particularly if the edges are recognized as edges

Thanks a lot Matt and Andreas. Will take a look at the video.

In a mean time, how can I control the TOP OFFSET parameter for all of the panels at once ? Try String node but no luck...The reason is TOP OFFSET will be vary depend on the fa├žade side and floors...


Hi Ngoc,

This would be similar to how you guys already do it in GH. basically plot the points and then populate the panels one-by-one computationally. It's pretty easy to do this in dynamo by plotting points along the design surface or floorplate curves, then placing adaptive components on each quad of points (2 from the current floor and 2 from the floor above. As Andreas mentioned, take a look at the video Dynamo - Part 4B - Parametric Assembly he called out above.


In my opinion, what you're trying to do can - at this point - be accomplished more easily by using the tools available through the Revit/Vasari user interface. In a lot of cases you can use the divide & repeat workflow for solving the edge conditions (explained here in case study #4 - corner wrap).

That said, you certainly can use Dynamo to distribute panels on a surface. Have a look at this video and this example. With your pattern, it's probably going to be a bit more work because it shifts a bit in every row (and most likely you'll still have to solve the edge condition manually or with divide/repeat), but it's possible. You can also divide surfaces with Dynamo - but I am not aware of a Dynamo node that allows you to subsequently populate the divided surface with components at this point. But you could always make a wish here... ;-)

Hi andreas,

Thanks for replying. I am curious if dynamo can divide surface or create nodes on surface so i can place my panel more controllably. I am aware of pattern based tool but it often give me alot of trouble at the edge conditions.


Have you tried the 1/3 step pattern in Revit/Vasari?

Seems to me that that is basically what you're looking for...

Why do you want to use Dynamo here?