Can't adapt a "point list" to "fit" a adaptive panel

I’m new to Dynamo and I am fighting with my ignorance and trying to learn how to make things work.

The first troubles i’ve encoutered were the geometry of the surface itsef, it must have arcs or rectilinear lines in the borders, and then in the middle must form an arch.

Then i’ve tried to divide the surface by UV’s but i coudl’t find the apropriate nodes, it seams that they don’t work with this surface, the only node that i’ve found that works in order to get some poits was the Clockwork’s node named Paneling.GridFromFace.

With this node I was abble to create a list os points, the problem is that I’ve got to have several lists of six points each in the order of the adaptive pannel placement poits i suppouse.

Well I’ll appriciate if someone could give a help.




ps. I think the node is attached.


#estudo cobertura aproximação 04

Try this?

place6PointAC.dyn (34.8 KB)place6PointAC.rvt (2.3 MB)

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I did it !!! it works!!!, thanks a lot Zach.

The last part of your code was preciouse to get those six point to the adaptive component and to filter the points that didn’t “fit” the list.

One of the troubles i’ve found were the geometry that I was using. It was a polysurface and the set of the nodes didn’t work with a polysurface. Then I’ve tried the same geometric definition and made it a surface and then it did the "miracle I was expecting!!!

Thanks, Zach


#N_estudo cobertura aproximação 04.dyn (112.8 KB)

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