Problem with Panels and adaptive components

Hi, there!

I am trying to panelize a surface in dynamo. For that puerpose, I’ve used the Diamond panel tool from Lunchbox and I have modelled an adaptive panel in revit (Metric Generic Model Adaptive).

As you can see below, my dynamo script is quite simple:

The adaptive component is the same of this video:

I get three issues:

1- There are rows without panels and I don’t have it clear how to fix it.
2- There are as well triangle panels generated by the diamond panelling tool of Lunchbox. I have already created a triangle adaptive model but it doesn’t fit properly.
3-The panels seem to be “twisted”, which I find quite confusing.

Any help will be really apreciated.

As new user I cannot post more than one image per post, so here is my undesired result:

And this is the adaptive component I want to use as panel.