Help Concerning the Adaptive component on Dynamo

Could Anyone Help me :

1- I loaded the lunchbox package for dynamo and i used the diamond face in lunchbox it is totally different compared to the one in the tutorials it’s output just two xyz not polygons and points and surfaces i don’t know why ?

  • so i used another package for diamond drawing by using surface and it is working but it’s output not divided all points and polygons and surfaces in one output i had to separate them with hardcoding to get the points

2- I need to create adaptive components as 4 points steel bars and glazing panel inside , i created adaptive 4 points components by revit and i connected it with the points i get from the diamond surface after getting the point lists, but it gave me an error ?!

  • Here is the warning message
    Warning: AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints operation failed.
    An adaptive component could not be found or created.The input list of points does not have the same number of values required by the adaptive component.

– What i want to do is to take the output of the diamond surface and model a circular bars on the polygon and make a glass panels with surface inside
Why the adaptive components isn't working on Dynamo

You are feeding a flat list of points into the AC.ByPts node. What you’ll need to do is feed it sublists of 4 items each.

use the output of the “Diamond Panels” node to feed your “AdaptiveComponent.byPoints” node. But I think you will have to use the “List.Flatten” node to flatten your list one level.