Link excel revit - large schedule

Hello Dynamo Users,

I am new to this program and was looking for a way to Link Revit to Excel with Dynamo. I know there are many posts relating to the topic but I can’t find the answer to what I am trying to do.

The Existing Sheet Index that I am trying to link is pretty big:

Is there a way to export this schedule to Excel by EXPORT -> REPORT -> SCHEDULES.
And after editing in Excel- import it back to Revit thru Dynamo.

Or better yet, only update the column or row that has been changed?

Can you please direct me to the right post if this has already been answered?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, you can export and import to and from Revit and Excel. In my experiences you will want two separate graphs for this. One for exporting to excel and one for importing to Revit. (you always can just export -> Reports… as you stated above too).

you can also update only the new data however this will take a lot of list work and management on your part.

So with all of that said there probably is not a post with your answer. There are however let’s say 15 posts with partial answers that will get you to what you need. The best way for the forum to help you is for you to roll up your sleeves and get started so you can ask specific questions. Start a graph and see how you can import and export (in a test project) and then take it to the next step. Feel free to start a new post with an exact question.


When using excel to export and import always try to use ElementId or UniqueId.
You need a key so that when importing the data the value gets set to the correct item/Sheet.
Now that you have sheets, you can use the Sheet Number since that is an unique key too.


To help manage match the data as in the way Marcel is suggesting I would recommend this node from a standalone package. Search If Equal Return Index Updated in the package manager.

This is where list management is going to be key for you


Steven, Marcel,
Thank you so much for the Feedback. I will try the “ElementId” and the “if Equal Return Index Updated” package!
Happy Holidays!

Hi @baFJCRF,

there is a tool really useful image”.
this tool does all what you need, is free for 30 days, then you need a licence. Is worthy to have.


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The Sheet number should be Unique enough (as there can only be one). Element Id’s can change so if you are ever going to match things I would use element GUID (except with sheet to and from the same model).

If you would like to know more about Element Id’s and GUID’s you can read up on them here.

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Thank you Tony,
I am looking into Ideate BimLink. I will also check RushForth.