Revit Schedule to Excel Schdule (specified cells)

Good Afternoon.

I am very new to Dynamo, I want to create a script that exports our Revit schedules into a already set up excel schedule basically just use the data from Revit to fill in our company standard mechanical schedules. and the ability to alter the excel shedule and inturn automatically update the revit schedule.

I have made the revit schedule look like our standard ones with the same heading/parameters

is there a way of doing this?

I am using revit 2015 at the minute, as most of our project seem to be in this version.

I have managed to create this but all it does is create a new tab in the excel file. I want it to input the data in a selected tab

so it keeps the standard formatting? is this possible?

and is there maybe another way of setting this up so i can pick which data from the schedule

i need and put into certain cells?

i am doing something similar but no response yet from the forum.
Option 1 is working for me, while Option 2 is not…
here is what i have so far

Could anyone help me with this?

Has anybody found a solution to this? I am also trying to do the same thing with the schedules.