Import sheets from excel with dynamo


Hi guys, i’m curruntly working on a code with dynamo, but i’m a litle noob at this. Could you help me out?

My problem is that i have to import excel data with several numbers in one parameter, and i need to update that to revit and be able to choose the diferent numbers in those parameter.

Thanks and good work.



Not sure i understand what you are trying to do here. Are you trying to update Revit parameters with data from Excel?

Would be good if you can share the work you have done so far.



hi Renzoj14

My goal is to update excel parameters to revit in one single schedule, and use those parameters to do a simple calculation of multiply or divide in a revit schedule. Would be great to be able to update the excel schedule to revit like the one in the image before. If you have any doughts plz tell.

Thanks for the time spend


i neeed help Renzoj14, can you help me?


You’ll need to better explain the issue you are having with trying to create this in Dynamo to get help, because your goal is still unclear! Can you please share what you have tried in Dynamo (a screen capture of your graph and/or a .dyn file) along with an additional image demonstrating what you are hoping to see in Revit in relation to what we are seeing in your Excel image. As of now, I can think of a handful of different possibilities of what you’re trying to achieve with what you’ve uploaded and described, so your problem needs to be made clearer to get help with it :slight_smile:


hey awilliams, thanks for the response.

This is wat a i want to import from excel to revit as a schedule.

And this is wat i have in dynamo so far. i’m a litle noob in this kind of software



Ok this is a lot easier to understand! From the looks of this it seems like you are trying to make new sheets. By Key Schedule, do you mean a Sheet List? Are you trying to create sheets from Excel, to populate a Sheet List or are you trying to make Placeholder Sheets in a Sheet List?


No, i’m trying to import a schedule to revit from Excel, but i cannot do it, so in the image above i tried to do in sheet, but that is wrong.

I want to import the data showed in the Excel image to a new schedule in Revit, but i don’t know how to do it. Can you help?

Thanks for the time you are loosing with me.


What kind of schedule? In Revit, schedules are tied directly to elements. You can’t just “create” a schedule of data, you need to apply that data to elements and have a schedule that reads that information from the objects in your project.


Ah I was confused because your graph is saying “Drawing Number” and “Drawing Title”. I think I am understanding now what your goal is - you want to create a Key Schedule and populate your key schedule with data from Excel (or add populated rows to a Key Schedule already in your project)? If yes, there is a custom node in the package called “Key Schedule” that will let you do this. If this is what you’re after I can show you an example (there is also an example image for using the node on the archi-lab website I linked); this node will not work if you are trying to use your Excel data to populate other types of schedules because as @Nick_Boyts said above they are tied to elements in your model.