How to select elements in a revit model from the list UniqueID or GUID available in excel spreadsheet

I have a list of ID’s which you see in the attached spreadsheet. Please help to select the elements in my revit model which correspond to these unique ID’s.

Thank you.Capture

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You just need to read the Excel file and use a node for selecting elements by Unique Id. There are probably a few options but the one from Rutabaga is pretty good (Revit.ElementByUniqueId.)

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Or the internal methods,


This is not working. Could you help.

Type Revit in front. Like the image I provided.

Can’t find the package “Revit.ElementByUniqueId”

It is not a package. You type out the whole thing and it accesses the internal method that is OOTB (Out of the box)

For copy/paste :point_down:

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it is successfully running and it is giving out the ElementID and type as you can see, but it is not actually selecting the component in my revit project.
Thank you for the help. Capture

Ah… you want to actually select in Revit. Springs.SelectInRevit will be the next node after the code block.


Nothing is showing up after I search

Do i need to download any library?

Download springnodes from the package manager.

Worked. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it

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