Let dynamo check the parameter types and his values

Dear people,

I’m trying to get all Type Parameter Values from an old Family and push them in to a new Family.
In the new Family there have been some updates like formulas and more added parameters etc.

But the Type Parameters from the old Family are exactly the same as in the new Family.
I only want the Values from the old family pushed in to the new Family with Dynamo behind the correct Type Parameter.

The Familys contains more Type’s, so i select one type (old fam.) and compare the values, i make an export to excel and compare the data from the excel with an other type (new fam).
thats why i select an element in Dynamo.

This is my first time with dynamo so i hope you could keep it simple :slight_smile:
I hope i am clear enough.

Hope to hear from you!

Welcome to the forum. I hope you read the intro. Etc…

I am just helping on a separate topic but maybe this topic will help you extract your old parameters value to excel.

Try the setup and once you happy with your export will deal with writing excel values to your new family…

Sounds like a plan???

Thank You, i could try it but is see that every parametervalue has been added seperatly.
I have more then 1000 parameters :slight_smile: (made a very smart element).
So the link is good, but i want that dynamo will search for the type parameter and his value, and put thie right value behind the same Type parameter in the new Revit Family for more then 1000 parameters.

Ah ok…so how you proposed to get your parameters name to dynamo is it via excel? You will have this 1000 parameters name in excel and feed that to dynamo to get their old values? Is that correct?

The export to excel is now for me a way to see the data.
So i can copy the values into the new family. this is an manual way… very brainless haha

For me it would be great to skip the export to excel.
And make a Dynamoscript to make it possible to get the values from the old family in to the new family.

Ok post your family (rfa) that contains this 1000 parameter so we can test. Both old and new. Tnx

I’m not authorised to give the families. even i am thinking that sharing is carring.
but the family is from a company how im helping now.

in the attachement, you see two examples. the old value has to get in the new parameter (value)

new family.rfa (272 KB)
old family.rfa (272 KB)

Thanks…how about the shared parameters text file if any…i will let you know once i have a go at it.

Thank you!
No it has to be a Family Type parameter or do i understand you wrong?

Shared parameters are additional to builtin parameters (user created) that you add to your family if you said you have a 1000 parameters chances are you have a shared parameters (a text files). Anyways i will see what you have and revert back maybe it will allow me to assign values or get values of old parameters even if i do not have the shared parameters. Thanks for now and let you know soon.

Hi i have checked your rfa…just a question how would you compared the old and the new are they both loaded on a revit file with different family name?

(this is my privet account)

Thats right, i load both families into a project.

I will take you to my manual handeling step by step:

  1. I open the old family, and i scroll down to the parameter i am looking for. Lets call it parameter-A.
  2. Then i check the parameter value, let say: 100, and right it down on paper. (i made this step a little bit easyer by using the Dynamo Script, to export the whole parameterlist from the old family and use the filter-option in Excel, because i filter on the name of the parameter, so i filter on the parameter: Parameter-A)
  3. Now i know the value, i open the new family, search Parameter-A and change the value to: 100.

So what i really want, is that the value: 100 from Parameter-A out of the old family will be pushed to the new family with the same parametername : Parameter-A and change that value to 100.

Tip: from the 1000 parameters there are many parameter values that are parameters that contains formulas.
Most of the parameters are working by booleans.

I hope this will give you the info you need. I’m very thankfull for your help! :smile:

Ok…this is how it will work. A revit file with old and new family loaded (both old and new) what you explained above is not the same what you said is that you load old then take a parameter value and then load the new family (i want both loaded same time). Then we can get any old parameter value and populate the new family parameter (same name as the old). Thats it…hows that sound? Is that a plan? Also in addition do you have something in the old family to identify that its is related to the new family so we can make sure we are pushing to the correct new family? Tnx

Yes, i dont override the old with the new family.
The name of the old and new family is different.

Also in addition do you have something in the old family to identify that its is related to the new family so we can make sure we are pushing to the correct new family?
I prefer to select a old family type and push the data to the new family typ i select later.

Sorry for my wrong explanation.

Dear 4bimfercesp,

This is what i made now.