Revit 2016 Family's Type Parameters to Excel with Dyamo

I am working in mapping Revit family’s parameters to excel, currently I can map the properties but cannot map the type parameters of the family. Do you know which Dynamo node I need to use to access these type parameters? I am working with the Electrical Systems and the railings, In these cases I cannot even map simple type parameters as height to the excel sheet. I would like to know if it is possible to access these parameters and how to do it with Dynamo.

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You could try GetParameterValueByName(TypeOrInstance) from Rhythm.
This is his website @john_pierson I hope this can help you

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I also just revised the “TypeOrInstance” nodes to be more streamlined as well. Still OOTB nodes for now.

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Thanks so much for your replies.

So far I have tried using the GetParameterByName node, (for elements, category and family) but I can only get the properties from the families. For example, when used for streetlights and railings, I can map the properties, but parameters of the family such as height that are inherent of the family cannot be mapped.
Do you know any way, or node, in which these type parameters can be accessed?

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can you attach the sample family or a screenshot of the parameters?

Thank you for your reply.

I will attach images of what I have done.

As you can see, all the data present in the “Properties” of each family instance is accessible, but in the case of the family parameters, data cannot be retrieved. Do you know how can I access these family type parameters?

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These is the programming used in Dynamo

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Do you know is it possible to modify the family parameters such as Type, as modifying instance parameters???

Until now ive been able to extract the information and in the case of instance parameters I can Modify them.