Exporting family parameters TO EXCEL

ExportingI have tried to export these parameters on this custom box to excel however its not picking it up once exported into excel?
I have used this graph to produce a export to Excel however cant seem to export the left hand side instead its exporting the data on the right which in my case will change once i feed the data back from excel to Revit however i want the left to export how can i do that ??? Exporting 2Exporting 3

Can I assume that revit after getting the files once, it doesn’t pick up the changed values after running dynamo again?

Because that’s a common issue, when dynamo loaded in files from revit once, it doesn’t reload them unless you change something in the code.

Or is this a general poblem where it just doesn’t ever load?

  1. So i created a generic model in Revit with parameters as you can see in the highlighted properties bar.

  2. I created a dynamo graph to export the left hand side parameters which i have created within the generic model family.

  3. and i want to export the the left side of the parameter under Text in Revit to Excel

  4. However right now its only picking up the right side

Currently you’re only sending the value through, so maybe you can combine them in a list first, maybe this will work:

(I haven’t tested this by selecting anything,so that’s why it’s already showing errors).


I think you are trying to get the parameter names as a list, not the value of the parameter values. Here is the description of the Element.GetParameterValueByName from the Dynamo Dictionary (Dynamo Dictionary)

GetParameterValueByName will return the value of an element’s parameter given the parameter name as a string. This can be useful for querying a list of element parameters.

Before we try to solve this through Dynamo, let me ask a stupid question. Are you trying to get a list of shared parameters out of Revit?

Check this out: Export Shared Parameters to a Shared Parameter File

If this is not the case, are you trying to get a list of parameters of a family or a project?