Changing family type parameters and creating new types


I’m looking for a way to change specific family type parameters and creating types on the basis of an excel file. Now reading from an excel file at the moment results in a list consisting of lists which individually look a little like:

Type name, parameter value 1, parameter value 2, parameter value 3

Ideally I’d like to see Dynamo create family types for Revit with the given type name and parameter values. I’m not even sure whether that’s possible and next to that it won’t be necessary. It’d also be fine to only read and change these parameter values.

Thanks in advance.

So I got this far:

I can’t yet add new family types via excel, but this will do for now. At the moment I’m using different “Element.SetParameterByName” nodes for each different parameter, I haven’t yet managed to effectively to enter a string of parameters into it (I’m neither sure whether that’s possible), although I do know that’d make it all a lot less convoluted but for now this works.

Try this:

The output of the new family type should be Revit elements which can have the parameter values set according to your excel file. Post a screenshot and any relevant files if you get stuck so the community can help you better.

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Considering how simple the current input is (it’s nothing but a simple table consisting of different type names and their length width and height) and I’ve already gotten it into Dynamo. When it comes to getting it into Revit I basically got nothing.

If there was a SetFamilyParameter or something I’d be done by now, but as it doesn’t, I’m feeling kinda lost.

Thanks for the link though.

Post a screengrab next time so we can help better. The node you want is Element.setparameterbyname.

After you get this working you should run through the dynamo primer from cover to cover before going much further. It will save a lot of hassle in the end, and will teach you all the basic concepts as well as most of the go-to nodes, including several already discussed here.

I’ve actually been going through, well, most of that.

I do know the Element.setparametbyname function, I just don’t know how to link it to family type parameter, especially when there’s several at the same time which might not even exist yet, so there’s no direct file to link them to.

Hi @PauLtus,

Are the families already loaded into the project, or are they in a directory ?

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If they are already in the project invironment you could consider to use the below workflow.

If they are stil in a directory the next link could be a solution (with addition of the python node of @awilliams for creating new types).

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You won’t be able to set a type parameter for a family instance. You need to get the Family Type and set the parameter that way. If you’ve already created the Family Types in Dynamo you can just grab them and be on your way. Otherwise you’ll have to create them or filter them from the project.

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Thank you!

I think I can work with that for now.