Revit to Excel didnt transfer Type Parameter

Hi there,

im new in dynamo so my question is propably answered 100 times before but im not able to find it or the right answer.
I try to generate lists from revit to excel. for example columns. how can i transfer the data of the type parameters deepth and width to excel?

Thank you in advance


First you have to get the type parameter values and combine them in a list. Can you post what you have tried?

Hi Jacob,

thx for the reply. As shown below the data Typ is correct but Breite is not working…


Dont know what I have done wrong.
So “Breite”=“width” is a Type Parameter. Seems to be the problem. Is there a way to get it?


You’re looking for a type parameter in the element instance. You need to get the family type from the instance prior to the asking for the type parameter.