Exporting Furniture Info from Revit to Excel

This is my first attempt at a dynamo script. I want to export several parameter values from Revit to an excel sheet and be able to edit the information in excel to import it back to Revit. But my first script is not even exporting the data correctly to excel. It just shows up as blank cells in the excel document but the sheet tab is renamed. What am I missing?

just wondering…do you actually have some elements on your model? normally a blank cell means to my experience the category you trying to collect may not be present in your model can you check this? I have nearly same script as yours and it working for me. the only difference is I do not have List.Transpose after the List.Create…

Good thought, but I have several furniture items in the model.

here you go…try this and let me know. there are also many ways you can do this but for me this works.

hope this helps.

It worked! Apparently I needed to include the FamilyInstance.Type node. Thank you.

no probs…glad to help.
can you mark it solved.