How to run or draw conduits in model by revit dynamo using their z coordinates

How to run or draw conduits in model by revit dynamo.I want script for that.

Hello could you show your graph what you had tried until now…and try to take a look here

Thanks for reply
Actually i want to model the conduits in revit itself by using dynamo
i didn’t understand how to start .

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Arhh allright, try to take a look into Mepover package there are nodes for that .try a search here on the forum think there are some solution for that…good luck

ok but that is possible ??
means 1000 of conduits i want to draw at one time

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yes it should be possible :wink:

ok thanks :grinning:

Here is a very fast example it could be a start…

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in mine conduit.Bylines node not shows??

Hello Could you show an image what you try…you will need mepover package if you are in 2023 then be sure you had python 2,7 package installed, the open the dyf and set to python 2 engine and save and should work…

yes i did but in revit conduit not showing as output

Could you show an image with all nodes expanded so we can see whats happend :wink: i dont know how many conduit type you have be sure you only feed in one type, use get at index…and try set lacing to longest in your conduit node

now is it visible

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looks good so far…what does element element type gives you ? and remember lacing

conduit type

only one ?

yeah need to add more?

nope only one…have your tried lacing longest

yaa but it shows emty list