Revit conduit from lines

I found a script for converting linework from a CAD file into Revit conduit. See posting here - MEPover package published

I would like to be able to select multiple lines using the Springs.Collector.Current Selection from the Spring nodes package or the Select Model Elements node instead of picking one line at a time. I am not sure if the Conduit.By Lines node from the MEPover package can even handle multiple curves as input. Currently I have copied groups that each select by element as a workaround. Any thoughts here?

One a side note, is there a better node to use for conduit diameter input?


Even if Conduit.ByLines from MEPover can only handle one curve at a time, you shoulld be able to use the List.Map node to iterate over your list of curves.

I am not following how this “re-run” feature would tie in. Most Dynamo scripts are one and done, you have to close them and re-open them to run then again.