How to Open/Fix Corrupted dyn. file?

Could not open my Dynamo Script. Last thing I did was grouping some nodes. Saved and closed.
Now when trying to open says: Error opening corrupted file:…
Is there any fix for that?

Thank you!!!

Hi @Vera.Anichina

Drop your dyn file here.

Hi Kulkul,
I am a new user here.
Cannot upload file.

Drop it in google drive or dropbox and share the link here.

Yeah, noticed that :frowning:
Thanks for your help!

Found the good one in back up folder!
Didn’t know there is backup.
Thanks again

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Look for a backup of the script in the folder you saved it in.
There might just be one??


I have the same issue, The backup is corrupted as well.

1 Renumber Sheets .dyn (39.9 KB)
Renumber Sheets .dyn (39.5 KB)

@SamBerk, this file appears to be fine, but was saved in dynamo 2.0. Can you confirm which Dynamo version you’re in? If it won’t open with 2.0 then please start a new topic as this is both old and already solved.


Hi everyone,

I do also have a Dynamo file that seems to be corrupted, I have provided a link below Someone please have a look.

Att @Kulkul

Thank you

@Musisi this file is opening fine for me. note that it’s been upgraded to Dynamo 2.0, so you’ll have to use Dynamo 2.0 to open it (kind of like how you can’t open a Revit 2018 file with Revit 2016). If the file was previously in Dynamo 1.x, you can likely get the 1.x version of the file from the backup folder.

For more information, see this link:

Thanks @jacob.small, let me cross check again

Thanks a lot @jacob.small,
I download the version 2.0.1 and it opened the graph
I am very grateful

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Dear Kulkul,

I have the same problem for unable to open a Dynamo file. After closing and reopening few times in Dynamo and also Revit, but to no avail. Please find the Dropbox link below and hope you may help to open this file.

Watanabe PV Analysis

Thank you.


same issue here… can you help?

@g.mcfaulds this graph is fine - are you opening it in Dynamo 1.2 or 1.3 perhaps? It’s been written for Dynamo 2.0.3 which means it will not be backwards compatible for the older builds - I suggest upgrading your Dynamo for Revit to 2.0.4 if you’re in Revit 2019, and upgrading the project to a supported build if you’re in an older Revit version.


Hi All! I am having the same issue, may anyone help ?? thanks


Hi Sol! i know you’re very helpful, I wish you would provide me with a solution for this issue.

Thanks !!

Hi Guys! I managed to get the specific line which caused the problem but still don’t know how to fix it