Dynamo Corrupted File upon Opening


None of the dynamo scripts are working when I attempt to run the script or even open in dynamo from existing library, the error message prompts 'the file is corrupted".
See attached a screenshot for the error message when opening in Dynamo player
Any idea what could be causing this?


Looks like you’re in an older version of Dynamo (1.x or even 0.x) and trying to open a newer graph. The file format changed at Dynamo 2.0 to be a JSON base instead of an XML base, which means that new graphs can’t be opened up in the older versions, though old graphs can be opened up in the new version.

Best to install the update as every supported integration supports 2.0.4 or newer, and from Revit 2020 and on you won’t have any option but to use 2.0 format.

updated to 2.0.4 hotfix and its working now, thanks!

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