Dyn causes Revit to Crash

Revit crashed when I connected some nodes in my script.
Now it crashes every time I open the script. I’ve pulled the backup copy, but that also causes Revit to crash. Is there any way to recover it?ApplyViewTemplates.bak.dyn (147.8 KB)

Moved this to a new thread for increased visibility on the two separate issues.

Does the file crash as soon as you open it, or does it just happen when you hit run? Can you send us your dynamo logs and Revit journals from a crashing session?

I’ve attached the journal files

journal.0060.txt (146.3 KB)
journal.0060.txt.copy.txt (144.3 KB)

Here’s a link to the project i’m testing this with. The script is built around a view naming convention

I rebuilt the script from a previous version, but now that also causes revit to crash when I open the dyn.
ApplyViewTemplates_rebuild_temp.dyn (164.1 KB)

Where are dynamo logs located? I did a quick search and wasn’t successful in finding the answer.

Defaults to:

This is a similar location to the default package directory. Note that the path will change to 1.3 or 2.1 or X.Y based on which version of Dynamo you’re running (allowing easy review of if an update triggered the issue).

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Opens and runs fine for me, though it appears from the file setup that you have multiple packages in use which are not 2.x compliant. Bulk upgrading on open of a file can cause instability. Providing the log file may shed some more detail.

Now it opens. I don’t know. I think this is the log from when I tried to open it this morning.
dynamoLog_5bed7ee5-affe-4178-8306-58503a49c12e.txt (40.3 KB)

ok. looking through the log file, it looks like it’s a problem with the version of archilab I have installed.

I thought I had 2.0 compliant versions, but I guess not.
It seems weird that the problem is intermittent

Rhythm too by the looks of it. :slight_smile:

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So I thought I had resolved this issue, and was able to open the graph and work on it, but it’s crashing again.

I’ve attached the Journal and Dynamo logs.
journal.0088.txt (129.2 KB)
dynamoLog_4902b116-964c-4929-bb95-e5ef0535a7a2.txt (6.1 KB)

I don’t understand what’s happening. It’s only this script that causes revit to crash upon opening, so i’m hesitant to think that it has something to do with the installed packages. But if it’s not that, then what would it be? I may try reinstalling Revit and see if that resolves the issue.

I tried opening it in 2018, but it crashes there, also.

Perhaps Bakery is causing the issue? Seeing a note in the Dynamo log that indicates it had to update.

Not sure. I’m going to reinstall and test all packages.

Checking the current package list’s file format may be quicker. If the first character in the .dyf is a { than its json format and 2.0. If it’s a < than its xml and 1.0. You can use Dynamo to collect all .dyf files in your package directory, group by directory, get the first of each, read the files as text, and get the first character of the string.

just as a conclusion: I didn’t identify a specific package that caused the crashing, but I removed all packages and installed and tested the ones that I needed to run the script. My suspicion is that it was rhythm or bakery.

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Hi Jacob,
Me too I’m having problems with my .dyn file, when i open it and sometimes when I run it too.
I’m using Rvt 2022 and dynamo 2.10.1.
I’ll sent you the script file and the journals.
Copertura&Lucernario.dyn (2.7 MB)
journal.0071.txt (202.7 KB)
journal.0071.txt.copy.txt (202.7 KB)
If you need something more, ask me without any problem.
P.S. I’m uninstalling the packages