How to desynchronize beween Dynamo and Revit?

Hi all, I created the walls by Dynamo.
After created in the first room, I try to create in the second room.
All the walls in the first room were removed.

Is there any method to desynchronize?

The path of below is my Revit model and dyn.

Please help. Many thanks

Hi @arthur.chiang

You will find solution in this topic

I just close and re-open the DYN to get what was done by the graph to stick in Revit.

Running a DYN though Dyno also helps. (I think it re-opens Dynamo on each run.)

There may be a better way, but I don’t know it.

I will simplify the dyn.
Revit works in feet internally? I am using unit mm in my project.
I try some Python Script sample. I think Python can fix the issue!
Thanks a lot!!