Create Pattern on wall from Revit



I recently started working in Dynamo so I apologize for stupid questions.

I would like to create a pattern on a wall in Revit (as a perforated shading device). I tried using the script from a previously post: I have 2 problems. My “Surface.TrimWithEdgeLoops” doesn’t work, did I miss something. Is my circle output not a PolyCurve going into “loops”? Second question. Can I somehow choose a wall in Revit instead of the “Rectangle.ByWidthLength”?


To create a pattern with a wall surface as reference…

Note the lacing, It needs to be Cross Product for you to get a grid of points


File: surfaceTrim.dyn


thank you so much!

I now get the message “ellipse normal not perpendicular” and i tried to change it at the surfar.NormalAtParameter, but without success. Did i miss something?

The problem lies in the Code Block that feeds values to Math.RemapRange

I’ll see if I can suggest something better, later. Meanwhile, you could try making alterations to the code in the code block. The output cannot be NaN

Okay I’m trying to Work on the code block :slight_smile:

But then I tried to remove the hole part about circles intersecting and choosing the radius myself. The output of the Arc.ByCenterPointRadiusAngle is not correct


Right click on the relavent nodes and change the lacing to Longest

Compare the number of lines at the bottom right corner of the nodes in your definition and the one I posted (the lines indicate the lacing)